Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Principal: Mrs E Clark

Vice Principals: Mrs A Denovan (currently on Mat Leave), Mrs K Adams

Pastoral and Intervention Manager: Mrs R Bewick

Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator: Mrs K Stokoe


Foundation 1 (FIP)
Class Teacher: Miss R Pizzey
Teaching Assistants: Mrs B Batty, Mrs C Hampton

Foundation 2 (F2C)
Class Teacher: Mrs R Carr-Colliver (Phase Leader)
Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Burkill

Foundation 2 (F2H)
Class Teacher: Mrs S Huart
Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Bowker

Key Stage 1

Year 1L
Class Teacher: Mrs R Lister
Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Garvican

Year 1/2LH
Class Teacher: Mrs J Ho (Phase Leader)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Peet, Mrs J Kemp

Year 2H
Class Teacher: Mrs T Hufton
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Wakefield

Key Stage 2

Year 3T
Class Teacher: Miss A Trewartha
Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Hadley

Year 3/4CT
Class Teachers:
Mrs M Cook, Mrs A Taylor
Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Piper, Mrs C Sneap

Year 4D
Class Teacher: Mrs E Dowse
Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Tinkler

Year 5/6J
Class Teacher: Mrs J Job
Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Edwards, Mrs Williams

Year 6A
Class Teacher: Mrs K Adams (Phase Leader)
Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Warren


Teacher PPA Cover: L Williams HLTA, Mrs B Batty HLTA, Mrs K Warren HLTA, Mrs C Tinkler HLTA

Business Manager: Mrs L Dyer

Office Manager: Mrs R Hardy

Finance & Administration Officer: Miss D Cullingworth

Site Supervisor: Mrs A Beech

When contacting the school office your call will be answered by either Mrs Hardy, Miss Cullingworth or Mrs Dyer